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TVB Ghost of Relativity Episode Thoughts - Episode 1 (鬼同你OT)

Episode 1 - Fresh new start. First we have Kristal Tin who was hurrying herself to an architecture firm for a job interview. Once the taxi driver arrived at the destination Kristal Tin noted, "The change isn't right." (I think the taxi driver gave her short in change by a small fraction or something). The taxi driver got frustrated at her but as Kristal left the car he noticed she left her Y-Phone (yes they can't use the iPhone term) in the taxi but he drove off anyway. Kristal was looking for her phone and came running after the taxi. The taxi driver stopped the  car and basically threw the Y-Phone at her;

"What Y-Phone? This is a fake one!"

Kristal Tin was trying to grab hold of the Y-Phone but it came fumbling on the concrete. (Lucky it was a fake Y-Phone because if it was a real iPhone I swear the screen would have been cracked).

Late for her interview, Kristal hurries to the place (GSZ Architects Limited) and then she finds Jenny who marks her down late (9:20am) even though Kristal was trying to make excuses. Another woman comes to collect the application forms and she notices that Kristal was 20 minutes late.

"Who comes late for a job interview?"

Pause. That's very true. Number one rule for job interviews is to never be late!!! 15 minutes early is the recommended time to come and I'd say 5-10 minutes early is just as good.

Continue. That bitchy woman takes a look at her resume and she notices Kristal's sub-par job experiences, rather low-ranking high school and she is aged 33! Nancy Wu then comes to the office space and rebuts the bitchy woman, "If we can't hire 30 year olds to be a receptionist then people aged 40 years old and over like you shouldn't be working here then?",

The bitchy woman of course says that it is more appropriate to hire a younger receptionist because she is more "presentable" and better at speaking. Nancy points at the other two applicants; one who has a tattoo on her and the other has a lip piercing. "How is this presentable and good at speaking then?"

Moving on is a scene of Moses and his co-workers. They become nervous as they prepare to test if the tilted model building will collapse without any support. Nancy comes and they accidentally get rid of the supporter for the building and voila - the model building stands still.

Pause. The thing that made this scene quite distasteful was the fact that Nancy was criticising how can someone who has a tattoo be presentable and someone with a lip piercing be a good speaker. I'm pretty sure that it was quite discriminatory and the firm could have been liable for big bucks. I don't know.

Continuing on, Kristal Tin gets hired to be the receptionist and the woman before warns her to never be involved in any inappropriate behaviour, such as someone perving at you, kissing you or physically touching you. They walk into the office space where Pierre Ngo is flirting with a bunch of girls and Kristal goes "Doesn't that match all the faux-pas?" The woman goes, there's a difference between inappropriate conduct and just having fun.

The woman then goes up to Charlie; "I can be the one to wake up you" and Charlie basically said no thanks by saying, "I'll use the alarm clock instead". Funny.

Kristal was trying out her new uniform and it ripped. Moses was simultaneously right behind her and Kristal was crying "you pervert"! Moses said hey you came in before I did. Kristal accepted his explanation and uses his method to having sticky tape taped on her butt to cover the rip and she goes hi nice to meet you, you can call me May.

Pause. Why May? Why the same name as her character in 'Black Heart White Soul' that was so damn serious and this series is so lighthearted?

I was yelling out "Why!!" more when Kristal met up her dodgy boyfriend outside (like in BHWS). He gives her a new handbag (that was obviously fake) and asks if Kristal can help him to borrow money from some place. Kristal agrees and off they go into a webcam interview and with the help of her boyfriend Kristal lies about her job position (as the leader), she's worked for three years and she's the lucky winner of the day to be allowed for more loan. Without needing to show any evidence to prove all this she got $80,000 and her boyfriend took it all.

As her boyfriend was about to say see you later got something to do Kristal wants him to buy her a real Y-Phone and then her boyfriend instead takes her to a small mobile repair center. Kristal's boyfriend winks at the owner of the store and the owner of the store recommends Kristal to not change her phone but instead change the battery and just add a new case (the same case as Nancy).

Back at the office, Nancy coincidentally has the same phone case and same handbag as Kristal, the only difference is that Kristal has the fake bag and Nancy has a real HerV bag. Nancy was busy on the phone and Kristal was trying to compare the differences between the fake and real handbag, and she finds out that the difference was really just the zip that looked different.

As Nancy finished talking on the phone May (I'll call Kristal May from now on) places the handbag back to the table and Gin (I'll call Nancy as Gin from now on) went to collect the handbag and off she went. Kristal noticed that she gave the wrong bag.

How clumsy of her. For a minute I thought that May was going to swap the real handbag for herself but she was just clumsy.

Anyway May tried to find Gin so she can give the real handbag back. Gin was nowhere to be seen but the handbag was there so May tried to swap it. She tried to make sure that this time it would be right but she somehow manages to take the real handbag again (-.-). As May was leaving though she knocked on the model building and she was lucky to hold it before it was going to fall. Seeing that it was unstable, she used Moses's idea (only realised this when I was doing episode thoughts) to use sticky tape and stick the building to the ground with it.

During that time Moses and Gin and the crew were having a very very very important presentation to the judging panel for some architecture competition. The presentation was so far so good until when Eddie Kwan was talking about how good the model building was. He told the judging panel, "this building design we have is so good because it can withstand fierce winds and severe climatic conditions, and also Earthquakes... (Funnily enough they didn't actually test the model building about the Earthquake part yet). This led the judging panel to question if the model building design can withstand Earth tremors. Moses was confident about it and he tried to shake the already unstable building model. May was panicking besides the door and yelled, "Don't shake it! It will collapse!" Gin bluntly said "What are you on about?!?!" and Moses was still shaking the building model and then there we go - it collapsed.

So everything failed. The judging panel disqualified Moses' submission since the model building collapsed and May got hired for ruining everything when I don't think it was really her fault (the model building was probably unstable before May even knocked it) and she got absolutely nothing.

Gin was discussing with Eddie and Moses about the failed project and Eddie was unhappy with how many resources went towards the competition. After that Gin was saying some words to make Moses feel better. I couldn't remember much what Moses said afterwards but Gin got frustrated for what he said and she tried to ignore him for a little while.

Then Gin realised that she has the wrong handbag and phone as the phone was ringing. Gin said to May "I don't care if you stole my handbag or if it was by accident, give it to me right now". May said she was walking towards there and Gin said, "Run!" May was at the office entrance and she asked for the password to enter. Gin only managed to say "23..." and then May said, "23..and then what?" May's phone was running dead and Gin tried to charge it. The fake Y-Phone went unusual and then it electrocuted Gin!!!! Moses came in the room; "Gin!" and Gin was dead.


It should have been quite a sorrowful episode for a main character to die from a fake Y-Phone (which was completely avoidable) but the character Gin doesn't end here as she will now become a ghost for the rest of the series. Overall I enjoyed this episode because the first episode was eventful, the script was tight and the performances were mainly good so far.

Kristal Tin is doing well as someone clumsy and naive. Her character has the same name, hairstyle, lovesick and both have a dodgy boyfriend compared to her other May role in BHWS but in here she is quite funny. I think this is the first time I've seen Kristal in a comedy and she can be quite funny.

On the other hand Nancy Wu is also doing fine as Gin: someone who only likes to buy famous and expensive items like "HerV handbag" and quite serious when at work. Yet to see her being funny though.

Moses as Michael is ok. Some might care he looks too old or this geeky role doesn't suit him but I might he is doing ok. Will comment more about him throughout the series.

Others like Pierre Ngo as Charlie are doing ok as well but one actress stood out to me in this episode and it was Celina Ma (had to look up at Wikipedia for it). She is blunt, bitchy and bias. Celina did a very nice job already by making her character quite entertaining.

Again overall I am impressed with TVB so far for a quite refreshing drama that I look forward in watching (unlike Master of Destiny that is unoriginal, unimaginative and underperformed in many aspects).

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