Sunday, 18 December 2016

TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony 2016 Review

2016 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 - 2016 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony

As you may have been aware, I have not blogged or posted anything about HKTVB dramas for a while, but this year I’ve managed to still watch the series that stood out, and have been anticipating this year’s awards ceremony to see who will grab the honours.

My overall thoughts of this year's award ceremony are that it was eye-opening, refreshing, majestical, at few moments emotional, in some ways ground-breaking, and at all times captivating.

Sounds like I really enjoyed the show? Well I did, for the most part, where this year’s award ceremony was like no other year. Although somewhat awkward and risqué, the banters were funny with some nice play of words and great uses of recent news and discussions from netizens, etc. The guest speakers were quite wonderful and brought back a lot of memories, from Virtues of Harmony, to Come Home Love, to Jessica Hsuan, Frankie Lam, Sheren Tang and the likes. It did feel weird though, with Sheren Tang there, who was obviously in bad terms with HKTVB since Beauty at War but glad to see her again. Also weird with Frankie Lam who was quite anti-TVB but glad to see him again as well and makes sense with him there since he filmed a series for TVB recently with Jessica.

First of all, what I enjoyed was the format of the show. I liked how this year they showed a list of finalist that was appropriately numbered to 3 and 5, showing their reactions once it was announced and less of the emotional background music from the other year. Even though sometimes the camera was off but I am not too bothered frankly. That being said, the pacing was definitely rushed but still took over two hours so was necessary I guess.

Second are some talented hosts. Thankfully this year there is none of the croaky voice from Dodo Cheng and neither was it just her talking most of the time. This year round, it was with the two duos (one short, one tall, both talented) and Sammy. I commend Sammy for being a very competent host who was sharp-minded and pulled some nice banters even if others might think he can be rather awkward or non-fluent, which takes confidence and experience to master. The parts where the camera focused away from the front stage to where Dodo was with the duo was light-heartened and quite funny to watch. I could tell that a lot of preparation and planning went towards which shown with the coordination, but again, some odd moments that didn’t matter too much.

What mattered, though, was feel and vibe of the ceremony. I did watch the StarHub and Malaysia Awards which was much more grand and looked bigger scale-wise in terms of audience and venue, and somehow surprisingly TVB took another direction and made it feel welcoming rather than being sombre like the other year. It was in essence felt very home-like and very Hong Kong like.

What matters more, of course, are the awards and the awards recipients. Some results were as expected, and some others, were surprising, for the better or worse.

TVB Anniversary Awards for Lifetime Achievement
Winner - Chow Chong

Thoughts – Very happy and glad that he got it and he was truly shocked. Great speech with him talking about him not wanting to retire and his passion for acting. Among the elder veterans, Chow Chong is not really the more famous bunch like Law Lan, Wu Fung, Lau Kong and the likes, and I see him as one of the humble ones who shows sincerity in this works. It was nice to see him star this year in House of Spirits where he gave a moving performance as someone who couldn’t let go of his beloved one, that is, Lan Yi. His most memorable performance for me was still in Moonlight Resonance as grandpa though. Again, very thrilled to see him get this award and hope to see him in more dramas for should I say the mega year for TVB’s 50th Anniversary next year?

Most Improved Female Artiste
Tracy Chu (“Speed of Life”, “K9 Cop”, “Over Run Over”)
Stephanie Ho (“Love as a Predatory Affair”, “Blue Veins”, “Dead Wrong”, “Jade Solid Gold”, “I Heart HK”)
Ali Lee (“Fashion War”, “Brother’s Keeper II”, “Law dis-Order”, “Sidewalk Scientist”, “Organized Dining”, “Anchors with Passport (Sr. 2)”)
Mayanne Mak (“Sidewalk Scientist”, “Anchors with Passport (Sr. 2)”, “A Starry Homecoming”, “Community Chest Charity Show”, “TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2016”, “I Heart HK”, “Sermon by Sir Ben”, “天與地”)
Moon Lau (“Angel In-the-Making”, “Over Run Over”, “Blue Veins”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Birth of 8 Records”)
Katy Kung (“The Executioner”, “Two Steps from Heaven”)

Hot favourites this year: Tracy Chu, Moon Lau, Katy Kung

Winner: Ali Lee

Thoughts – Quite a shocking result I say. I think Moon Lau was the expected one since she starred in a lot of dramas that stood out this year and her acting was natural and well-received. Compared to last year’s Raising the Bar, she improved tremendously and I definitely think this was her ‘harvesting year’. Ali Lee, on the other hand, didn’t actually get much noise despite heavy roles given to her, such as Fashion War and Law dis-order. I do believe that rigging and favouritism was involved for this award but nevertheless I am fine with Ali Lee as an actress even if she is a bit one-dimensional on her roles. Her most memorable role this year was Brothers Keeper II where I think she was more natural and gave a coherent performance there, but her most memorable role overall was from Overachievers as a convincing mistress. She is indeed convincing in the non-innocent roles based on appearance.

Most Improved Male Artiste
James Ng (“Blue Veins”, “Jade Solid Gold”, “Organized Dining”, “Music Power”, “J.S.G. Selections 2016 (Part 1)”, Big Boys Summer)
Matthew Ho (“Brother’s Keeper II”, “Law dis-Order”, “No Reserve”)
Hubert Wu (“Blue Veins”, “Taipei High Hi”, “Sermon by Sir Ben”)
Mark Ma (“Love as a Predatory Affair”, “Speed of Life”, “Short End of the Stick”, “Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”, “Presumed Accidents”, “Between Love & Desire”, “Inspector Gourmet”)
Bob Cheung (“Over Run Over”, “House of Spirits”, “Between Love & Desire”, “Daddy Dearest”, “Spirits on Vacation”)
Cheung Wing Hong (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Spirits on Vacation”)

Hot favourite(s) this year: Cheung Wing Hong

Winner – Cheung Wing Hong

Thoughts – For a usually extremely competitive category, this year it was weak with candidates that either hardly had any presence on TV, or had no word or mouth from the audience. That is of course, except for Cheung Wing Hong who was enjoyable to watch as Little Bo in this year’s House of Spirits. Most Improved Male Artiste though? Strictly speaking no because he gave a stiff performance for a pointless character in A Fist within Four Walls, which was his latter role. I do find him a competent actor, although perhaps limited, and can’t believe his transition from such a minor role as the Emperor’s slave in Beyond the Realm of Conscience to carrying supporting actor roles. His speech was again great and his wife cried her heart out. Kudos to Cheung Wing Hong for an actor who gained recognition by TVB.

Most Popular Series Partnership
Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”)
Vincent Wong & Tracy Chu (“Over Run Over”)
Jimmy Au & Kim Li (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Bowie Wu & Helena Law (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang & Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Ruco Chan & Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Carat Cheung, Apple Chan, Chloe Nguyen & Doris Chow (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Alex Fong & Florence Kwok (“Law dis-Order”)
Eddie Kwan & Vivien Yeo (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu & Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)

Hot Favourites this year: the ones from Short End of the Stick, Over Run Over, House of Spirits & Two Steps from Heaven.

Winner – Over Run Over

Thoughts – Not much thoughts but I did know for a fact that Vincent and Tracy had great chemistry in Over Run Over so well-deserved. Would have preferred Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Power Chan who were complementary and fantastic together as an ensemble and partnership. Again I am satisfied with the result.

Most Popular Series Song
我們都受傷 (“Angel In-the-Making”) – Jinny Ng
真我 (“Angel In-the-Making”) – Aaryn Cheung
相信明天 (“The Executioner”) – Hubert Wu
記住忘記我 (“Wu Xin the Monster Killer”) – Alfred Hui
愛情食物鏈 (“Love as a Predatory Affair”) – Stephanie Ho
同步 (“Speed of Life”) – Justin Lo
你懂我 (“K9 Cop”) – Linda Chung
聽海 (“K9 Cop”) – Vivian Koo
藍天白雲 (“Short End of the Stick”) – Edwin Siu
最真心一對 (“Over Run Over”) – Stephanie Ho
靈魂的痛 (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”) – Hubert Wu
完美的生活 (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”) – Jinny Ng
諸神混亂 (“Blue Veins”) – Kay Tse
天地不容 (“Blue Veins”) – Hubert Wu
The Only One (“Blue Veins”) – Stephanie Ho
火線下 (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”) – Fred Cheng
問天 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Alfred Hui
可以背負更多 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Jinny Ng
天地 (“Nirvana in Fire”) – Alfred Hui
命運的意外 (“Presumed Accidents”) – Hubert Wu
講 (“Come with Me”) – Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Grace Wong, Hoffman Cheng, Ronald Law & Stephanie Ho
愛的溫暖 (“House of Spirits”) – Edwin Siu
最後一次分手 (“Between Love & Desire”) – Jinny Ng
爸爸 (“Daddy Dearest”) – Hubert Wu
圍城 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan
從未知道你最好 (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu
誰可改變 (“Brother’s Keeper II”) – Ruco Chan
誘心人 (“Inspector Gourmet”) – Jinny Ng
我記不起 (“Inspector Gourmet”) – Linda Chung
公義的抉擇 (“Law dis-Order”) – Hubert Wu
Can You See (“Law dis-Order”) – Kayee Tam
夢裡花 (“The Imperial Doctress”) – Stephanie Ho
孤嶺花 (“No Reserve”) – Kay Tse
喵喵 ft. C Kwan & Moses Chan (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”) – Alvin Ng, Auston Lam & Penny Chan
得寵 (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”) – Kristal Tin & Nancy Wu
造王 (“Two Steps from Heaven”) – Hubert Wu
不可告人 (“Dead Wrong”) – Vincent Wong
愛需要勇氣 (“Dead Wrong”) – Stephanie Ho

Hot favourites - 從未知道你最好, 愛的溫暖 and others

Winner - 從未知道你最好

Thoughts – It boiled down to the three songs that I generally liked, and I am glad and did expect Nancy and Ruco to win. Their song was well-sang and it did remind me of the series, and in that aspect, this song was well-deserving because it managed to relate back to the series and sound good. Other than that though, other songs were much more well-sang by the other professional singers and my favourite is still the theme song for House of Spirits that was heartwarming to listen to. It was very heartbreaking to hear when they mentioned a fan who loved this song and the series is currently in a coma and that’s when it started to feel sad. I do hope good he will get the chance to wake up and see this moment.

Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Yiu (“The Executioner”)
Akina Hong (“The Executioner”)
Rachel Kan (“Speed of Life”)
Lin Xia Wei (“Short End of the Stick”)
Yoyo Chen (“Short End of the Stick”)
Zoie Tam (“Over Run Over”)
Jeannie Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Elena Kong (“ICAC Investigators 2016”)
Kingdom Yuen (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”)
Helena Law (“House of Spirits”)
Roxanne Tong (“Between Love & Desire”)
Grace Wong (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Jade Leung (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Florence Kwok (“Law dis-Order”)
Vivien Yeo (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Moon Lau (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Katy Kung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Rebecca Zhu (“Dead Wrong”)

Hot favourites this year - Joyce Tang, Grace Wong and Katy Kung

Winner – Katy Kung

Thoughts – Very happy indeed and sort of expected even though was unsure because this year it’s the Best Supporting Actress category that was the talk of the town. Joyce for her comeback in House of Spirits, Grace Wong for her intriguing performance in A Fist within Four Walls, and Katy Kung for her eye-watery performance in Two Steps from Heaven. I think all of them did a fantastic job and am glad that Katy Kung got it. I have seen Katy mature as an actress and she has indeed delivered top-notch performances and it shows with the award proving the nods from the panel & voters. Kudos to Katy Kung who gave an eye-watery speech to her amazement.

Best Supporting Actor
Law Lok Lam (“The Executioner”)
Oscar Leung (“K9 Cop”)
John Chiang (“Short End of the Stick”)
Wai Ka Hung (“Short End of the Stick”)
Raymond Cho (“Short End of the Stick”)
Power Chan (“Short End of the Stick”)
Pal Sinn (“Over Run Over”)
Joel Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Lai Lok Yi (“Presumed Accidents”)
Cheung Wing Hong (“House of Spirits”)
Philip Ng (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Carlo Ng (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Oscar Li (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Jimmy Au (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Hugo Ng (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Mat Yeung (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Matthew Ho (“Law dis-Order”)
Ram Chiang (“Law dis-Order”)
Luk Wing (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Ku Ming Wah (“Dead Wrong”)

Hot favourites this year – Raymond Cho, Philip Ng, Carol Ng, Mat Yeung and others

Winner – Raymond Cho

Thoughts – First of all, truly shocking, with Luk Wing being one of the three finalists who Dodo said she didn’t know he got nominated (whether she was joking or not, pretty sure a lot of others didn’t know he got nominated at all as well) so that was very shocking among all others that could have been nominated. Other finalists include Hugo Ng, who I thought gave an over the top performance in Brothers Keeper that made him a caricature. That being said, I am very glad Raymond Cho got it for his fine-tuned performance in Short End of the Stick. I frankly thought I was dreaming when he got it because he didn’t get recognised for his work of acting for many years, and I shouldn’t have been surprised because the past few years it has been given to dark horse contenders and this year Raymond Cho’s first win before this HK awards ceremony should have given a clear indication that he would take it. Kudos to Raymond Cho!

Most Popular TV Female Character
Akina Hong (“The Executioner”)
Natalie Tong (“Speed of Life”)
Linda Chung (“K9 Cop”)
Lin Xia Wei (“Short End of the Stick”)
Tracy Chu (“Over Run Over”)
Angela Tong (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Kay Tse (“Blue Veins”)
Eliza Sam (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Alice Chan (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Koni Lui (“House of Spirits”)
Joyce Tang (“House of Spirits”)
Grace Wong (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Yuen Chau (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Kristal Tin (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Jacqueline Wong (“Inspector Gourmet”)
Ali Lee (“Law dis-Order”)
Mandy Wong (“Law dis-Order”)
Priscilla Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Joey Meng (“Dead Wrong”)

Hot favourites – Joyce Tang, Grace Wong, Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin

Winner – Grace Wong

Thoughts – Another shocking result, in a great way. Shocking, in the sense that it is usually reserved for those who are nominated for Best Actress but didn’t get it or was a bonus award if she got it. Grace Wong should have gotten Best Actress anyway for her top-notch performance as Fa Man. She was eye-catching to say the least and very expressive. She too was shocked at her win and again another great speech. In the past I had an issue with Grace Wong for how she delivers her words. It sounded too curvy and was irritating to me, but I did notice her from Tiger Cubs where she got my attention and then Fa Man made me go wow. Kudos to Grace Wong!

Most Popular TV Male Character
Tony Hung (“Angel In-the-Making”)
Jason Chan (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Raymond Cho (“Short End of the Stick”)
Wayne Lai (“Short End of the Stick”)
Him Law (“Fashion War”)
Vincent Wong (“Over Run Over”)
Wong Kwong Leung (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Mat Yeung (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Eddie Cheung (“Come with Me”)
Bowie Wu (“House of Spirits”)
Bobby Au Yeung (“House of Spirits”)
Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Hugo Ng (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Louis Yuen (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Alex Fong (“Law dis-Order”)
Eddie Kwan (“My Lover from the Planet Meow”)
Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Bosco Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Roger Kwok (“Dead Wrong”)

Hot favourites this year – Vincent Wong, Bobby Au Yeung, Ruco Chan, Roger Kwok

Winner – Benjamin Yuen

Thoughts – Another shocking result. Am satisfied, even though I feel all the actors aforementioned in terms of acting-wise and popularity deserved it more. Benjamin had a very likeable role in A Fist within Four Walls who was calm, observant, and logical in his approaches yet caring and charismatic. His speech was probably the most memorable when he mentioned about Jennifer and not dedicating enough time and effort towards his close ones, such as his family. Everyone could tell that he still indeed loves her and it was likely Jennifer’s insecurity to be the reason but back to the awards kudos to Benjamin who I find rather humble even if his acting is raw.

Best Leading Actress
Maggie Shiu (“The Executioner”)
Kitty Yuen (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Samantha Ko (“Love as a Predatory Affair”)
Natalie Tong (“Speed of Life”)
Sisley Choi (“Speed of Life”)
Linda Chung (“K9 Cop”)
Tavia Yeung (“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”)
Teresa Mo (“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”)
Grace Chan (“Blue Veins”)
Eliza Sam (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Alice Chan (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Selena Li (“Presumed Accidents”)
Sharon Chan (“Come with Me”)
Nancy Wu (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Kristal Tin (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Ali Lee (“Law dis-Order”)
Mandy Wong (“Law dis-Order”)
Priscilla Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Joey Meng (“Dead Wrong”)

Hot favourites – Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin

Winner – Nancy Wu

Thoughts – In retrospect, this year’s Best Actress category was worst with really Nancy Wu getting all the praises and mentions from the general public, and Kristal Tin for her emotional scenes in Brother’s Keeper II. Acting wise, I still think there are some who are deserving, like Teresa Mo and Maggie Shiu who were commendable and deserves a mention at least but failed to create a hype like Nancy. Priscilla Wong’s scene with Bosco in the hospital bed and last ending moment when she slyly smiled while dying also deserves a mention. I thought I was dreaming again with Maggie Shiu being in top five because she doesn't seem to get recognised in awards ceremony much. Now back to Nancy Wu. I am satisfied she won because I quite liked her in here. She reminded me of Dodo Cheng as Francis Mo in her other series with the stinginess and shallowness but Nancy’s role was multi-dimensional that required her to be funny, likeable, unlikeable, pitied for, sort of like Charmaine’s Ting Jie role. I think Nancy did great in that scene where Yam Yam died and the moment she changed from being heartbroken of her death to hatred and coldness and then killing all the culprits. Very intriguing scene. Kudos to Nancy Wu.

Best Leading Actor
Kenny Wong (“The Executioner”)
Raymond Wong (“K9 Cop”)
Wayne Lai (“Short End of the Stick”)
Moses Chan (“Fashion War”)
Vincent Wong (“Over Run Over”)
Kevin Cheng (“Blue Veins”)
Kent Cheng (“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”)
Lawrence Ng (“Presumed Accidents”)
Bobby Au Yeung (“House of Spirits”)
Ben Wong (“Between Love & Desire”)
Johnson Lee (“Daddy Dearest”)
Benjamin Yuen (“A Fist Within Four Walls”)
Ruco Chan (“A Fist Within Four Walls”) *
Edwin Siu (“Brother’s Keeper II”)
Kenneth Ma (“Inspector Gourmet”)
Alex Fong (“Law dis-Order”)
Liu Kai Chi (“Law dis-Order”)
Louis Cheung (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Bosco Wong (“Two Steps from Heaven”)
Roger Kwok (“Dead Wrong”) *

Hot favourites – Ruco Chan, Bobby Au Yueng, Roger Kwok

Winner – Ruco Chan

Thoughts – Rans of Ruco will cheer for his big win with him grabbing all three TV King awards this year. I personally prefer Roger Kwok who stole the limelight for his character a Vincent in Dead Wrong, and which again proved how versatile and masterful he is as an actor. When his series ending was shown a day before the awards ceremony, everyone predicted he would win but at the end of the day it’s still Ruco. I think Ruco was very expressive and top-notch with his role in A Fist Within Four Walls with his character was sort of drown in the sea of pointlessness, buried in the sinkhole of the series latter half. This win is pretty much Ruco’s verification of him being the biggest star of TVB right now, and he deserves it. Kudos to Ruco!

Best Series
“Angel In-the-Making”
“The Executioner”
“Love as a Predatory Affair”
“Speed of Life”
“K9 Cop”
“Short End of the Stick”
“Fashion War”
“Over Run Over”
“The Last Healer in Forbidden City”
“Come Home Love: Dinner at 8”
“Blue Veins”
“ICAC Investigators 2016”
“My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”
“Presumed Accidents”
“Come with Me”
“House of Spirits”
“Between Love & Desire”
“Daddy Dearest”
“A Fist Within Four Walls”
“Brother’s Keeper II”
“Inspector Gourmet”
“Law dis-Order”
“No Reserve”
“My Lover from the Planet Meow”
“Two Steps from Heaven”
“Dead Wrong”

Hot favourites this year – House of Spirits, A Fist Within Four Walls

Winner – A Fist within Four Walls

Thoughts – Highly expected this result and again satisfied. It was a very intriguing show even if it died down to nothing really exciting. Great kung fu scenes, some nice dialogues, great characters and wonderful performances secured his series to be a high performer rating and word of mouth wise. House of Spirits on the hand, also stands in the high tier with fantastic chemistry of the casts, heart-warming performances and a story that was interesting yet but it didn’t all go out or wasn’t bold enough like A Fist Within Four Walls. A Fist Within Four Walls tried to be a master of everything, being comedic, being serious, being action-packed, being emotional, being heartwarming and everything but it lacked a coherent storyline. Nevertheless, kudos!

Other mentions goes to the professional artiste awards. First up was Koo Ming Wah with was surprising since he may be perceived as someone who is not a veteran and already someone who won a supporting actor role, thus not an expected person to be in the calibre of veterans list for this award but it was well-deserved after knowing how many years he has been in TVB and all the roles his dedicated and tried, minor or major, disgusting or sensible, despicable or likeable, he's done it all, professionally. Congratulations.

Congratulations to Carol Ng who deserved it despite his lack of presence in HKTVB in recent years. I always found him someone who is talented in comedy and a complementary actor in TV series and he managed to give a chilling performance as a villain in A Fist Within Four Walls. Great speech with him thanking his wife.

I don't remember the name of the last award recipient but he indeed has a face we are all familiar with. I can still remember him from War of the Genders and I feel he is a heartfelt actor who again puts in a lot of effort to his roles, big or small. Good to see him again and I congratulate him.

Ah yes. The chicken segment, was bold, and perhaps funny, at the same time. As you may know, HKTVB got fined last time for cross-promotion with the actors eating KFC chicken during the awards ceremony. This time they got chicken, but not by KFC, and made by the celebrity chefs from TVB. I laughed when this again and it was a bold move from HKTVB that perhaps showed their power and unapologetic from last time while promoting their original celebrity food shows. At least HKTVB's got guts.

This time round, also, Carol Cheng shined as a host. I started to dislike her with all the nuisance, loud and dominating vibe she gives when hosting, and it's still here, but she lightened up a bit this year and toned down to being funny and complementary with the other hosts. My favourite moment was when the trio was mocking what they should do when they get the award or when they do not. The award candidates also laughed.

I will not mention about the other awards but I feel in general all the award recipients were well-deserved. A big applause to TVB this year for being different, especially starting off with the mannequin challenge which got my attention straight away and it was refreshing to say the least. With the brilliant talent of the artists in TVB world, I hope next year there will be explosive series filled with plentiful performances that will make next year’s TVB Awards Ceremony a seriously competitive one!


  1. It's Carlo not Carol.
    Thx for the overview. I was annoyed there was so much talking by some people that they had to cut the winning song to less than one minute. It was a wth happened moment.